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Open Africa is a social enterprise that establishes tourism routes that offer travellers authentic experiences while generating income for local businesses in rural Africa.

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Why do you travel?

Whether you call it travel, a vacation, getting out of town or visiting your family upcountry, most of us shake off the confines of routine and leave the towns or cities in which we live to see what pleasures await us outside of city limits. 

We recently spoke to a number of people in and around Cape Town about why they like to get way, where they go and what they look for when they’re getting out of the city. We also asked them what was stopping them from getting away more often. 

The insights proved interesting so we thought we’d share them with you, our loyal readers. Read more.



New hikes to support community tourism

Some travellers enjoy getting away from it all while others choose to immerse themselves in the local culture and traditions of the area they visit. If you’re the latter, then you’ll be pleased to know that three new attractions will be opening up in early 2015, all of which have been developed by local communities.

Read more about the new hikes.



Tips for viewing flowers this spring

Each year around early- to mid-August, parts of the Northern Cape and the West Coast are dotted with orange daisies, yellow pietsnot, purple and yellow vygies and white sporie. There are also plenty of quaint towns for travellers to visit while they enjoy the warmer weather and colourful, flower patchwork surroundings.

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