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Open Africa

Open Africa is a social enterprise that establishes tourism routes that offer travellers authentic experiences while generating income for local businesses in rural Africa.

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Open Africa recognised by Mail & Guardian Investing in the Future and Drivers of Change Awards

On 31 October 2014, Open Africa was awarded the prestigious Mail & Guardian Investing in the Future Award for job creation and enterprise development. The M&G Investing in the Future Awards were created 26 years ago to publicise the often unsung contributions to the future of the country and its citizens. They are designed to heighten public, government and business awareness about meaningful social investment. 

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5 ways to meet locals when you travel

As creatures of habit most of us prefer to stick to what we know. Change is never easy but by taking a step out of our comfort zone we get to see parts of ourselves we never knew existed. Travel is no different. Exploring unknown destinations, especially those off the beaten track, can be scary but it’s always worthwhile. Meeting locals, learning from them and having authentic experiences is guaranteed to change your life.

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3 new hikes to support community tourism

Some travellers enjoy getting away from it all while others choose to immerse themselves in the local culture and traditions of the area they visit. If you’re the latter, then you’ll be pleased to know that three new attractions will be opening up in early 2015, all of which have been developed by local communities.

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