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Open Africa

Open Africa is a social enterprise that establishes tourism routes that offer travellers authentic experiences while generating income for local businesses in rural Africa.

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Business is cooking in Port Nolloth

Emma Seas began baking roosterkoek (traditional grilled bread) in 2005 to fund her daughter’s education. It's been an uphill battle for her to learn how to run a business but  after 10 years she's become a household name for travellers visiting Port Nolloth.

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5 autumn road trip ideas

As the year continues to rush past us at a startling rate, it’s no wonder most of us haven’t planned our last trip of the summer. The days are getting shorter and the cooler weather has most of us clinging to those last sunny days. But there are plenty of great spots in South Africa that are at their best in the slightly cooler seasons. 

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5 reasons to use a local tour guide

I love exploring new places. That feeling of excitement mixed with a slight pang of ‘fear of the unknown’ that comes with finding your way around some far-flung destination on a quest to discover your own version of it. It brings out the explorer in all of us. But like most things in life there is a time and a place for everything. 

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