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Open Africa

Open Africa is a social enterprise that establishes tourism routes that offer travellers authentic experiences while generating income for local businesses in rural Africa.

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Open Africa leads the way for smart travellers

Anyone travelling through Namibia with a smartphone will now be able to navigate their way along the newly developed self-drive travel routes and find valuable information about where to stay, what to see and even receive updates on current road conditions. 

Read more about our use of QR codes.


Tips for viewing the wildflowers this spring

As of early August, parts of the Northern Cape have been dotted with orange daisies, yellow pietsnot, purple and yellow vygies and white sporie. There are also plenty of quaint towns for travellers to visit while they enjoy the warmer weather and colourful, flower patchwork surroundings.

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Do travel differently

Open Africa is different. We’re a social enterprise and our mission is to support travellers, businesses and donor partners in rural Southern Africa. We thought it time to look again at what we could be doing better for our stakeholders.

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