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Terms & Conditions

Open Africa does not act as a broker or representative for the participating establishments and individuals on the website. Should you choose to view or use the information on this website, you do so at your own risk, and Open Africa will not accept any liability for any harm or damages arising therefrom, howsoever caused.

Open Africa makes every effort to ensure, but cannot and does not guarantee, and makes no warranties as to, the accuracy, accessibility, integrity and timeliness of this information. Open Africa assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of this site and further disclaims any liability of any nature for any loss howsoever arising in connection with using this website or any content contained herein. Furthermore Open Africa reserves the right to make changes to these materials at any time without notice. If you find any inaccurate, out of date or incomplete information or material on this website, or if you suspect that something is an infringement of intellectual property rights, you must let us know immediately by contacting Open Africa or the owner or provider of the information to which the issue relates.

The following information is a detailed breakdown of our booking process and requirements. Should you have any questions regarding Open Africa’s Terms & Conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us on +27 (0)21 683 9639 (during office hours) or email us at

Tour bookings

All bookings made via the Open Africa site are managed by third parties. All booking forms must be completed in full and returned to the relevant tour operator or supplier. Certain operators do not require you to fill out a booking form and any information they may require will be outlined to you via e-mail or telephonically.

Payment & deposits

To secure your booking the majority of our local suppliers require your completed booking form and payment. Some suppliers may cancel the booking automatically if the payment has not been received.

Supplier payments & cancellation policy

If, for any reason, you need to cancel your booking, contact the relevant tour operator to retrieve your payment. In most cases, it is necessary to charge cancellation fees due to administrative costs and supplier policies so please ensure you have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions of the relevant tour operator.

Legal travel papers (Drivers Licences, Medical Requirements & Travel Insurance)

Special requests

Clients can request special preferences with Open Africa suppliers and associated tour operators. However, taking note of these special requests does not in any way constitute a guarantee by Open Africa or its service suppliers.

Your comments / complaints

During your journey you can contact the relevant tour operator or Open Africa if there are any problems or complaints. It is imperative that any complaints be made known to Open Africa or the tour operator without any delay so that appropriate action can be taken. Once a complaint has been received it will be investigated and the relevant findings, solutions or comments will be communicated back to you.

Open Africa only acts as an agent for the tour operators, business owners transport companies and excursion operators, and cannot be held responsible for, or be held liable for the consequences of: strikes, war, riots, thefts, pilferage, epidemics, quarantines, weather, acts of nature or other circumstances beyond its control.

Open Africa appreciates your feedback and comments on your journey.