Country Life

SA Country Life magazine covers South Africa’s small and little known parts of the countryside and appeals to a wide range of readers who enjoy serenity, beauty and getting away from it all.

Country Life captures the magic and reality of the country – the quirks and soul of day-to-day life in South Africa – and is always true to the authenticity of the places they write about. The magazine covers a vast range of interests and offers a little flavour from all the spices of life – from snippets on country property, business potential, travel, food and art, to pieces on the undiscovered places and wonders that are unique features of South Africa.

Country Life is Open Africa’s longest standing media partner, who have helped spread the word about Open Africa for many years now. Kate Clayton of Open Africa notes how Country Life have over the years “eloquently woven, and continue to weave authentic and inviting stories around Open Africa’s travel routes, connecting off-the-beaten-track places to Country Life readers. The team is dedicated, committed, enthusiastic and always helpful.

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