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Kenros Tours
Kenros Tours is a tour operator that offers guided coach tours to magnificent destinations in Cape Town. They can accomm...

Lagunya Rugby Club
Nyanga Rugby Stadium offers the following facilities: Rugby field; Cricket pitch; Home to the  Lagunya Rugby C...

Langa Indoor Fitness Club
Langa Indoor Fitness Club offers the following: Aerobics classes from Monday to Thursday from 18:00-19:30; Body toni...

Mamiya Travel and Tours
Mamiya Travel and Tours offers a variety of tours around the Cape Town area. These include the Cape Point tour, The West...

Marang A Letsatsi
Marang a Letsatsi offers visitors a complete cultural township experience. They have various cultural groups that differ...

Mpho's Fitness Centre
Oupa started the gym in 1986 using a spare bedroom. The gym equipment was consisted of two bars and four weights. ...

Nolizwe Shuttle Tours
Stanley offers tourists tours throughout the entire Western Cape. His tours can accommodate groups of five to eight peop...

Nyanga Rugby Stadium
Nyanga Rugby Stadium offers the following facilities: Rugby field; Cricket pitch; Home to the Lagunya Rugby Club.

Camissa Travel and Marketing
Small groups of visitors can experience first hand, in an intensely personal way, a slice of life in townships around Ca...

Township Clay Experience - Hosted by Proudly Macassar Pottery
Township Clay Experience is a social enterprise that exists to upskill and employ youth who have not finished school, wh...

Other features


Below is a list of accommodation establishments along this route. Bookings and enquiries can be made directly with the establishment.

Imzamezethu B&B
This is a local business that includes the pre-school, aftercare (drama, music, dance and crafts) and a bed and breakfas...

Ark of Africa B&B and Self-Catering
Ark of Africa offers comfortable accommodation with a true township feeling. Traditional meals are served and township t...

Ayanamkela Restaurant and Guesthouse
Ayanamkela is a restaurant and guesthouse that serves traditional Xhosa cuisine in a warm, friendly environment.  T...

Majoro's B&B
Come and experience township life in true style and overnight in Khayelitsha at Majoro’s B&B. The delicatessen...

Malebo's B&B
Malebo's B&B is situated in the heart of Khayelitsha, where tourists are eager to tour and experience our lifes...

Beauty's B&B and Sewing Project
Beauty started her sewing project in 2006 by training local women and children to sew. In 2008 the business was expanded...

Forest Hill Guesthouse
This guesthouse is located in Montana, approximately five minutes drive from Cape Town International Airport, five minut...

Nana's B&B
This business started in 2005.  Nana's B&B offers accommodation in three comfortable bedrooms. Traditional Afr...

Noludwe's B&B
Noludwe's B&B offers accommodation in four bedrooms with one single shower. Guests can indulge in African cuisine di...

   Arts & Crafts

Below is a list of arts and crafts outlets and projects on this route. Enquiries can be made directly with the business.

African Home
This business creates employment by recycling waste materials and making them into beautiful artworks. African Home has...

Can Flowers
This business collects and recycles alcohol and soft drink cans to create flower artwork products. They are currently tr...

Lambathi Art Craft
This business started in 2000. They sell the following artwork: Wirework/artifacts; Pine cone beads; A variety of...

Makubela Craft
Makubela Craft specialises in wire ornaments and recycling products. The business was started in 2004. The following ar...

Monica's Beadwork
Monica started her business in 2000. Items for sale: Beadwork; Necklaces; Bracelets; Earings; and All type of pi...

Nosisa's African Beadwork
Articles on sale include: A variety of beadwork; Jewellery that includes necklaces, bracelets and earrings; Christm...

Nozuko Development Project
This business sells its items at the Khayelitsha Craft Market. Items include: Dolls; Wooden key rings; Jewellery s...

Phambili Visually Impaired People Vangane
Phambili was formed as a small industrial organization which specialises in manufacturing of candles, detergents and can...

Phumelela Skills Development
Monica makes Western and traditional designs. These include winter tracksuits and school uniforms.

Sibane Creative Arts
Luthando started this project originally with doing screenprinting, but has now expaneded to graphics, sculpture works a...

Sithembele Art & Craft
Crafts includes items made from recycled goods. Handmade articles include: Township frames; Fabric painting; Ceram...

Siyazama Beadwork
Products on sale: Belts; Beaded pens; Beaded bags; Beaded mugs; Necklaces and bracelets; Key holders; Christmas...

Bonke Crafts
This business started in 1998 and has travelled to the Edinburgh Festival twice - in 2000 and 2002. Items for sale:...

Kuyakhanya Development Project
Beauty produces lovely artwork with beads. Items for sale: Tea showers; Salt makers decorated with beads; Bead nec...

Yongo's Pottery
Yongo's Pottery started in 1997 after the owner had worked in the ceramic business for approximately 8 years.  Thi...


Below is a list of environmental attractions on this route. Booking and enquiries can be made directly with the business.

Philani Soup Nutrition
The creative output at Philani is an offshoot of the staff's attempts to alleviate malnutrition and unemployment. Povert...

Uthando (Love) South Africa
Uthando (Love) South Africa is a non-profit organisation and Responsible Tourism Initiative based in Cape Town, South Af...

   Food & Drink

Below is a list of restaurants and other food and beverage outlets on this route. Bookings and enquiries can be made directly with the establishment.

Popza's Place
Popza's is a popular pub/club in the Gugulethu township. They serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  P...

Lolly's Jazz Pub
Lolly's is an upmarket and unique jazz pub that serves African cuisine to the public and also cater for functions and pe...

Maphindi's Place & Conference Centre
Maphindi's Place & Conference Centre provides a place where visitors can relax and enjoy quality time with their fam...

Phunga House of Coffee
Phunga House of Coffee is an upmarket restaurant and bar offering a wide range of African dishes. These include: Sam...


Below is a list of services on this route. Enquiries can be made directly with the business.

Lucas Mbebe Educare Centre
This centre believes that education is the key to success. This centre was established in 1990. They currently care for...

Noluvuyo Hiring
Noluvuyo Hiring offers transport and truck delivery services.

Rainbow-Siyabathandan Educare
This school was established in 1994 by four ladies who were initially working for the church. Rainbow-Siyabathandan Edu...

Star Catering
Star Catering offers catering services to workshops, weddings and other functions. They serve delicious African meals.&n...

Ixabiso Catering
Ixabiso Catering offers: Traditional food; Western food; Umqombothi (African beer); Amarhewu (African ginger); and...

Masigcinane Educare
Masigcinane Educare is a pre school that currently cares for 35 children under the age of 5 years. They keep the childre...


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The name 'Khanyisa' means to 'bring light'. The name signifies the re-integration of previously split communitiese, capsulating all that is positive about the Cape, which has traditionally been a melting pot of nations. The Khanyisa Cape Route is all about a pointing tourists to other destinations in the townships, not just the beaten track to struggle route landmarks.

Expect the unexpected on a township tour. This route offers just that: from the vibrant music and rhythms of a township shebeen to the rustic simplicity of alternative accommodation in an informal settlement. The participants of this route offer visitors the opportunity to share their homes and lives with them. Khayelitsha is the biggest and the youngest black township to emerge on the Cape Flats. It was originally a squatter settlement, but is now the third-largest township in South Africa.

With a population of approximately one million people of which the majority are Xhosa speaking, they still value their culture and history.  They are also engaged in diffrent activities with many of them being related to tourism - these include arts and crafts, beadwork, restaurants that serve different foods and African cuising, interesting cultural tours conducted by operators from the area and many more.

Khayelitsha is regarded as a true reflextion of all African traditions.  The majority of people live in informal settlements with a very high persentage of unemployment and poverty being the order of the day.  What is interesting here is that most of these people are not just sitting down waiting for the government to spoon feed them;  they are engaging themselves in diffrent self-help projects.  Such projects include Vukuzenzele, which encourages people to stand up and do things for themselves.  Most local residents survive by selling different products along the streets in order for them to be able to put food on the table for their families and also be able to educate their children.

Cape Town Jazz Festival
When: 2015 dates TBC
Where:  Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC)    
Tel:  +27 21 422 5653 
Known as Africa's Grandest Gathering, the festival, in its fourteenth year when it takes place in April at the CTICC. A thrill for loyal and new fans with world class music.

Historical background of Khayelitsha

Khayetlitsha was established in 1983.  The early inhabitants of Khayelitsha came from other black townships of Cape Town with the majority then coming from Old Crossroads.  Khayelitsha was built under the principles of racial segregation and the township itself is growing very fast, and it has been recognised as one of the biggest black townships in South Africa.  At present the total population of Khayetlisha is estimated at approximately one million. One of the most important things about Khayelitsha is that its residents played some important roles to liberate this country from the bondages of the apartheid regime.

As it is becoming a common practice around the country, a number of significant places are being renamed after some of the former freedom fighters.Oliver Tambo Centre, which was known as the Mew Way Hall before 1999, was named after ANC activist, Oliver Tambo.  This area has a significant number of tourist attractions, for example the Lookout Hill, which is the initiative of the City of Cape Town together with the national government to maximise the number of visitors, tourism and related business investing in the area.

Since 1995 numerous developments have taken place in the entire Khayelitsha area.  Today Khayelitsha plays a crucial part in the economic development of the region with its growing entrepreneurs and stability in other formal businesses.  Currently, Khayelitsha has a slightly growing number of accommodation establishments, craft markets, artists, etc. 



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South Africa - Western Cape

South Africa - Western Cape

Western Cape, South Africa: This route goes through the townships of the Cape Flats. The Khanyisa Cape Route is all about  pointing tourists to other destinations in the townships, not just the beaten track to struggle route landmarks.

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