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Below is a list of accommodation establishments along this route. Bookings and enquiries can be made directly with the establishment.

Witdraai Bush Camp
Witdraai Bush Camp is situated on the traditional farm Witdraai where you get a glimpse into the intriguing history, sig...

Kalahari Trails Accommodation
The guesthouse has five rooms with two to four beds in each. Two of the rooms have en-suite bathrooms; the others share...

Blinkwater Desert Place Manor
The farm Blinkwater borders the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Twee Rivieren Park, situated 11km towards the West of the Park&r...

Kalahari Guesthouse, Camping & Farmstall
This is the only farmstall on the R360 from Upington towards the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park where you find Kalahari ce...

Rooipan Guesthouse & Self-Catering
Rooipan Guesthouse is located on the sheep farm Rooipan, named after the striking red colour of the main pan on the farm...

Loch Maree Guest Farm & Field Camp
Loch Maree Guest Farm offers accommodation in a Family Suite, a Bush Camp, as well as a Field Camp. The camps are unfenc...

Zoutpanputs Game Farm
In the wild expanse of the Kalahari the game farm Zoutpanputs offers the keen lover of nature many an enticing opportuni...

Inkbospan Guest Farm
Inkbospan Guest Farm is situated 90km from the Namibian border post at Rietfontein of which 70km is tar road. It is 78km...

Betta's Magic Place
Askham is arguably the place of the most dramatically beautiful sunsets in the whole of South Arica. Here you will find...

Klipkolk Lodge
Klipkolk Lodge offers a laidback atmosphere combined with friendly staff and beautiful surroundings. Facilities an...

Kalahari Info & Tented Camp
Kalahari Info & Tented Camp offers accommodation in 20 fully equipped tents. The Info Centre has a coffee shop that...

Vischgat Game Farm
Accommodation: Vischgat Game Farm offers accommodation in family suite chalets with roof fans. The chalets are fully eq...

Kalahari Sands Guesthouse
Kalahari Sands Guesthouse offers accommodation in seven self-catering chalets. The abundant underground water sustains...

Askham Post Office Guesthouse
During the pioneer years, stagecoaches transported post, as well as passengers. Many guesthouses were built along the st...

Boesmansrus Grass Huts
Visit Boesmansrus Grass Huts and experience a traditional 'boesmans' sleepover in a grass hut. There are two huts that s...

Molopo Kalahari Lodge
Molopo Kalahari Lodge offers accommodation in 40 air-conditioned chalets, as well as a campsite. Accommodation is suppor...

Rooiduin Guest Farm
Rooiduin Guest Farm is situated near Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park - be a sport and turn in and enjoy some sand boarding...

Kgalagadi Lodge
Kgalagadi Lodge offers accommodation in 27 chalets and campsites. Situated 5km from the Twee Rivieren Rest Camp at the e...

!Xaus Lodge
!Xaus Lodge offers accommodation in 12 chalets. !Xaus Lodge is an unfenced luxury lodge inside the Kgalagadi Transfronti...

Askham Chalets
Askham Chalets offer peace, tranquillity and a true Kalahari experience within secluded cottages, where you can enjoy br...

Kalahari Camelthorn Caravan Park & Guesthouse
Kalahari Camelthorn Caravan Park & Guesthouse provides accommodation in Askham.  The Camelthorn unit is air-co...

Duinebesie Self-Catering Accommodation
Situated in Rietfontein, Duinebesie Self-Catering Accommodation enrich your visit through the warmth of its hospitable p...

Gemsbokkie Self-Catering Accommodation
Gemsbokkie Self-Catering Accommodation is situated on a private farm just 40km from Askham on the Van Zylsrus road (en-r...

Murray Guest Farm
Murray Guest Farm is nestled deep in the heart of the Kalahari. We are situated 12km from Askham on the Van Zylsrus Road...

Kameelboomkoelte offers accommodation in seven fully equipped, self-catering open plan, air-conditioned units/chalets, s...

Rea Bush Camp
Rea Bush Camp (4km from the main house) offers a rustic experience, but with warm water showers and flush toilets there'...

Kalahari Goerapan Lodge
Escape the hassle of everyday rush and lose yourself in the sacred silence of the Kalahari desert. Dine under the open e...

Bly Bietjie
Huddled between Camelthorn trees, rolling green lawns and birds song, the well equipped rooms and secure surroundings pr...

Erin Game Ranch / Khomani San
A simple rustic and exclusive campsite is in the process of being established on the beautiful traditional farm of Erin,...


Below is a list of arts and crafts outlets and projects on this route. Booking and enquiries can be made directly with the business.

Woestyntrap (Annual Cycle Ride)
Every July around 50 cyclists ranging in age from 7-75 years old take to the R360 road between Askham and Upington in th...

Vinkie's Kalahari Experience
Vinkie's Kalahari Experience is an eco-tourism venture that offers and authentic and unique 'bush' experience on the //K...

   Arts & Crafts

Below is a list of arts and crafts outlets and projects on this route. Enquiries can be made directly with the business.

Khomani Sisen Arts and Crafts
Sisen is a Khomani San crafts project in the southern Kalahari Desert of South Africa. Sisen, in the ancient /N’u...


Below is a list of environmental attractions on this route. Booking and enquiries can be made directly with the business.

Kalahari Trails Meerkat Sanctuary
Highly recommended by Lonely Planet, Kalahari Trails Meerkat Sanctuary is a 3 500ha private reserve situated 35km south...

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is the first official Transfrontier Conservation Area in Africa. It covers an area of 3...

   Food & Drink

Below is a list of restaurants and other food and beverage outlets on this route. Bookings and enquiries can be made directly with the establishment.

Ant Koera se Kombuis
Visit Ant Koera se Kombuis on the R360 between Askham and Andriesvale (near Khomani San's Bush Camp with camping facilit...

Diamond T Coffee Shop
The Diamond T Coffee Shop building was originally erected by the SA Railways and used as a bus stop for the big, red Dia...


Below is a list of services on this route. Enquiries can be made directly with the business.

Comp Travel Tour Operator
Comp Travel is young and vibrant company with extensive experience in many different tour product offerings. Comp T...

Khomani San Information Office
Khomani San offers guided nature and heritage trails with San guides and trackers. Traditional Bushman dancing can be ar...


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This ancient and beautiful land is not only amazingly rich in diversity it also reflects an endless variety of moods, making each new encounter refreshingly different from the previous ones. The Kalahari Red Dune Route extends north of Upington into the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park that forms the shares its borders with Namibia and Botswana and is one of the largest conservation areas in the world.

The colour of the dunes in the southern Kalahari can be attributed to the high iron oxide content of the sand. In areas of higher rainfall and in shallow areas where water collects, the iron oxide is leached out, causing the sand ultimately to turn white. The gradual effect of the leaching transforms the desert into a wonderful variety of colours. 

Besides the red dunes, some of the most obvious features of the Kalahari landscape are the nests of the sociable weaver birds. The colonies have up to 50 chambers housing as many as 300 birds.

Since the Kalahari is a desert, daytime temperatures can be extremely high and in winter, night-time temperatures can drop below zero, though the days are usually warm and pleasant. Thunderstorms are common during the rainy season between November and April.

Reasons to visit:

The Kalahari Red Dune Route showcases the Kalahari through a wide range of activities including desert walks, dune-boarding, 4x4 trailing for the adventurous, game drives, guided walks, birding expeditions and other eco-inclined activities for nature-lovers. For visitors attuned to culture and history, the Kalahari Red Dune Route offers the opportunity to experience regional customs and folklore, sample traditional cuisine, and meet the warm and welcoming people of the Kalahari. Accommodation options are as diverse as the landscape, and vary from camping to homely bed and breakfasts to luxury lodges. All in all, the Kalahari Red Dune Route offers something for everyone. 


Kalahari Desert Festival:

Contact Person(s): Luce Steenkamp/Dirk Pienaar

Cell:  +27 849432722


Every year around March the ‡Khomani San and Mier community come together to host the Kalahari Desert Festival. The festival showcases traditional dance and music as well as diversity within the Kalahari. 


Askham Boeresport:

When:  Saturday 27 June 2020

Where:  Askham Boeresport Grounds

Contact Person(s):  Minette Rossouw


Cell:  +27 82 333 3291

Originally the resourceful hunter-gatherers known as the San inhabited the Kalahari. Experience had taught them that, though there was water in the area, it was mostly saline and thus unsuitable for agriculture. In the 1920's and 1930's, farmers from the west sought grazing permits during the winter months when there was plenty of nourishment for their livestock. The sheep could survive on just a little drinking water as they obtained most of their moisture from plants. Shepherds would lead their flocks to areas where rains had recently fallen, and they would gather tsama melons for additional nourishment for their flocks. When spring came, the animals would need more water and the herds would again be moved west.

Later the government decided that the land was arable, and had it surveyed and apportioned. Farmers who settled in the region would construct dams that supplied water for about nine months of the year. When the water ran out, the farmers either trucked in extra supplies or simply bought or rented another farm. Most chose to buy additional land, and gradually a nomadic style of farming returned to the Kalahari. Shepherds would move the animals by night and rest during the heat of the day.

In the early 1980s, the government laid on a water supply network from the Orange River. Today this scheme serves about 650 000ha, and is controlled by a Water Board and a system of flow-control valves and consumption meters designed to prevent overgrazing.

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South Africa - Northern Cape

South Africa - Northern Cape

This route is full of natural and cultural treasures and extends north of Upington, incorporating the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

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